Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What A Blessing!!!

We were blessed to be special guests for a weekend in Huntsville. PPG Aerospace and Red Eagle Air Sports invited Bill and his family. On Friday night we had dinner with other PPG and Delta families as well as the Red Eagle team of pilots and their families. I wish that I had the camera with me that night. It was wonderful! Dinner on top of a mountain! Those country club people sure know where to dine. It was Will's birthday and he was sung to twice, once with a cake and once with a special candlelit parfait. One of the Red Eagle Pilots pinned an airplane pin on him that night for his birthday. The above pictures were from Saturday's Air show. We saw Will's Red Eagle buddies perform as well as the Blue Angels and many others. The man holding Laura Ann is one of the pilots, the one that pinned Will. It sure is sweet to have the VIP bracelet at an air show. A tent with drinks and lunch right at the edge of the airfield can only be beat by the air conditioned tent that the airport authority had! The picture of Laura and I looking pooped was taken right after she nursed in absolutely the most challenging place ever. The wind was flapping the corner of the tent as airplanes flew by. I would not like to do that again!! She was a trooper though. She nursed but would look up at times when an airplane flew by. The stroller picture shows that she left the ear plugs in!! How funny. Thanks again for the great stroller Aunt J. I should have had ear muffs but who knows where they are and I had already packed the rest of the house!! My next post will be about our special meet the pilots night.
What a blessing indeed. Our vacation opportunities are few and far between and we greatly appreciate how God fashioned the perfect gift for our seven year old who would love to be a pilot!

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