Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Laura Ann's First Time in a Pool!

Today was day two of Will's swimming lessons (level 3). Will still says schwimming instead of swimming quite often. It was Laura Ann's very first time in any pool! They have a 1ft baby pool with a fountain at the pool that Mr. Will is taking lessons at.

Brother jumped in after his lesson was over. He sure loves lil sis.

I love the ruffles!
Whew I'm Tired!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I didn't take one picture

Our computer died. It was ressurrected by our church's resident teenaged computer genius. I haven't checked email or blogs for two weeks. It was actually freeing. I most missed mapquest (we don't have a car GPS unless you count my awesome husband) and I have all of my nursing books in storage so I missed looking up info on the internet. I found that I have replaced textbooks with trustworthy medical sites for the most part. Oh and Biblegateway. I so missed it!!! Where is that scripture?? Is that even in the Word? A search of Biblegateway will help you out. Sorry no link. I'm still learning here.
I also didn't take a picture, not one. No VBS pics, no Basketball Camp pics, no pics of the playdate with Dallas C. No pics of Pa doing a front flip in the livingroom. He is in his upper 70's I might add. I love to document our lives in pictures but sometimes it interferes with life to do so! I am not done with pics for sure and I have some to post from the busy period just before the demise of our computer but for now, words are it.
Now to get to the things that I was doing while my computer was dead....