Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daddy, Thankfulness and Family

My Daddy is in the hospital on a ventilator. He has pneumonia and is likely septic. My Mama is a mess. The family is stressed. I pray that we can all seek the peace that only God can give. I pray that we are all refined through this. I pray that Daddy be healed if it is God's will.
Bill and I prayed together for a long time last night. So many people were in our joint prayer. The fact that I can and do pray with my husband and can approach the Father because of what the Son has done... That is what I am most thankful for. My salvation and how it is part of my life now, not just my get out of hell free card.
We are dealing with stresses in the Lawton family right now too. We are trying to find a time that we can have our Christmas gathering together. Tensions are rising. I'm not sure if I should be mentioning this on the blog or not... My intention is that my friends who keep up with me on this blog will pray. I also want to document this very stressful but thankful time in our lives.
Bill and I are thankful that anyone even wants to see us and try to have the family together in one place.