Tuesday, December 23, 2008

75 Is Not Enough...

I ran out of Christmas Cards. I didn't even send any to our new friends at Will's school and sent very few to our old friends in Dothan. Several other friends got shafted, sorry. Well in case you read the blog... Merry Christmas and please accept this electronic version of our Christmas Card!(And no you aren't 76+ in importance, we do Christmas cards in groups, work, church, etc, the order is quite random for the most part....You can click on the picture to get a closer look) Laura Ann is calling as I write this post. Will I ever get to upload some pics and catch you guys up?
I'm about to go get Laura Ann and try (in reliance upon my Savior) to prepare for our Christmas celebration keeping in mind what truly matters. It isn't gifts, a perfect meal and decorations or even the new acceptable idol of family. (I've heard on several occasions this season that Christmas is about family) A king born in a stable that died on a cross as payment for my sins, that is what matters.
Giving gifts, time with family, and a well cooked meal are all good things that can glorify God. Let us worship the giver of good things this Christmas and not the gifts.
Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Post Is In The Making....

I hope that you like the title picture change. This is Will and Laura Ann last year about this time. Oh how I miss her mohawk!! I have many pics to post from the Fall season but just can't justify doing it until I get a little more caught up on my housework. I've already been playing with my playlist and changing the pic, so I'd better get to it!! Laundry here I come!