Monday, June 9, 2008

Fighter Pilot Hair

This was taken after Will's last haircut in May. He told the barber that he wanted fighter pilot hair. As it grew longer it looked more like surfer guy hair if we gelled it. We hope to get another haircut soon. Doesn't he look tough?!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

VBS Missions Fundraiser

Our little Will had his first lemonade stand!! This year's VBS (Vacation Bible School) missions fundraiser is to benefit Ranch on Jesus Orphanage and Primary School in Uganda. We sold lemonade and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies (2 per bag) for $.50 each. Will was very excited and waved at everyone that passed. He yelled LEMONADE!! as they approached. He made $21.00. We only received one extra dollar from one customer. These were actual sales. I got the idea from friends in south AL.
Will really gets why he was doing the stand. He is most concerned that the kids in the orphanage have "lectricity". OK he is about to turn seven, so he says it the right way sometimes but I still enjoy seeing my little boy in this young man that is maturing before my eyes as a man of God. He did want to leave to swim with the neighbors who kept calling him away. He said "You guys can handle this ." We informed him that this was his lemonade stand. He told the neighbors that he was busy and charged ahead with a glad heart.
Experiences mean more to us when they are accompanied by sacrifice, I think that we can all attest to that.
Please pray for the work at Ranch on Jesus and the young hearts that will be touched by this ministry.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Friends, Family, and Fun with Grandpa

Well last weekend was fun and exhausting. Aunt A and Uncle J came down from NJ. The rest of the family came on either Saturday or Sunday. Bill, Will, Laura Ann and I got a special treat Friday night. Our dear friends had a backyard barbeque welcoming us for our visit. We lived near Bill's parents for almost two years and made these precious friends while we were there. The kids had fun on the slip and slide and the adults caught up when not protecting our little ones from tiki torches or wiping spilled drinks or food. My friend JJ had tea spilled on her foot, I think a plate spilled on her foot, possibly another plate on her clothes?, and then she sat in her cake that she didn't get to eat before she had to leave, oh life with little kids in tow, (At least one of the spills was due to my 7 month old kicking my plate over) It was a delightful time. These are wonderful families striving to live as becomes followers of Christ daily. I love you all!!
Uncle J always serenades me with Misty on the trumpet. It never fails to make me blush! I don't blush easily. Aunt A always starts a debate. I stayed out of that one!! I could tell that the folks from NJ really enjoyed Will and Laura Ann. We all enjoyed our long distance family.
Fun with Grandpa
Will played in the pool with Daddy, Pa, and Aunt A. He had the best time. I love to see Will with his Pa. Fun time without the distractions of projects and chores are priceless times. Chore times can be fun too, Will held his cucumber picked from Pa's garden all of the way home. (He forgot to pack some toys!) Well Larry the cucumber (as he called him) would have to do until we gobbled him up Monday night YUM!!
I'm a few days behind, next post I'll update you on this week: VBS.....