Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What Life is Like

No, I didn't put her in the basket. She accomplished that all on her own.

Will LOVES football! He told the coach "Don't you know that they play college football in the rain?" the day that he had to cancel practice because of a tornado watch. He even wants to play football in the yard with Bill when he has spare second even though he has practiced for hours that week in the heat. His handwriting is improving (when he takes his time) and he has a wonderful teacher yet again.

Confession time... I know the words to several ACDC songs. Bill once hid his Thunderstruck cassette from me in his glovebox when we first started dating. I don't think that he wanted his new girlfriend to get the wrong impression about him. We now rock out with Third Day instead of ACDC. I mention this because Bill picked Will up from school the other day looking like this. I couldn't find a great picture of Angus from ACDC but you get the picture. By the way, Will doesn't go to school looking like that but he sure comes home differently than we send him a lot of the time!