Saturday, June 13, 2009

I didn't take one picture

Our computer died. It was ressurrected by our church's resident teenaged computer genius. I haven't checked email or blogs for two weeks. It was actually freeing. I most missed mapquest (we don't have a car GPS unless you count my awesome husband) and I have all of my nursing books in storage so I missed looking up info on the internet. I found that I have replaced textbooks with trustworthy medical sites for the most part. Oh and Biblegateway. I so missed it!!! Where is that scripture?? Is that even in the Word? A search of Biblegateway will help you out. Sorry no link. I'm still learning here.
I also didn't take a picture, not one. No VBS pics, no Basketball Camp pics, no pics of the playdate with Dallas C. No pics of Pa doing a front flip in the livingroom. He is in his upper 70's I might add. I love to document our lives in pictures but sometimes it interferes with life to do so! I am not done with pics for sure and I have some to post from the busy period just before the demise of our computer but for now, words are it.
Now to get to the things that I was doing while my computer was dead....


andi said...

I agree sometimes we need a tech break! Glad you're back! I missed you!

J said...

glad you're back. i'm nesting and haven't "blogged" in a while either...hope the computer keeps kickin'.

miss you!