Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Best Of The Best

Yep, that's my boy with a Blue Angel Pilot. I am so thankful that my little guy got to meet and get autographs from most of them. He even got career advice from a couple of them. The Meet the Pilots night was by invitation only at the Saturn V area of the space center. We had Hors D'..... (Appetizers) heavy enough for supper and Will saw his first 3D movie. We had a blast! Laura was once again a great girl. We had to get another battery after church on Sunday. We had the minor inconvenience of having to be jumped off Saturday night. That was the first time in 15+ years of marriage that we were on that end of the jumper cables. Thankfully the Space Center had some kind of charge pack.
A quick note on your next breath. It is not guaranteed. Only God knows the number of our days. Every breath and heartbeat is from Him. The Sunday that we left Huntsville the air show was scheduled to wrap up. A storm burst blew in without warning. A little 5 year old boy died as the wind blew a generator over on him. If you are waiting to have a relationship with Jesus Christ, don't. It is just that simple. This is not scare tactic evangelism, just the truth.

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