Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's windy up here!

We went to Roan Mountain to spend some time with Bill's parents and leave the daily grind of trying to sort through our treasures and move in to our new home. Did I mention drywall, plumbing, paint....... Little (much taller than I am) sister Bridget flew in the week that we took the winding roads to the mountain. Laura Ann is being held by her Daddy at a stop at the grocery store for supplies. It was so windy! Will caught Rainbow Trout with his Pa. Bill, Will, Pa, Bridget, Laura and I hiked Bald Mountain. Yes you heard me right, I hiked the mountain. We carried little Laura Ann, she was a trooper even though it was quite chilly. This all occurred two weeks ago but it is where I left off posting. Enjoy the pics!

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