Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I have many things to post. I cannot, however post them at this time. I must get dressed!! It is 11:46AM. NO, I didn't just get up. I was up at 3AM. No, I can't blame it on little Laura Ann. I plan to get dressed and empty at least one box today and I pray to be patient and loving though my mood does get less than beautiful with little sleep. I just posted a playlist/link to the song "Blessed Be Your Name", also the title of this blog. Listen and enjoy. It is a preview of a post that I look forward to writing in the future (after I catch up on many events!)
Blessed be the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!! Sleep or no sleep!!


J said...

Hey you! Little Laura Ann is SOOOO precious! Hope your exhausted day goes well! Love you!

Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said...

Thanks J. Love you too. I love to get comments, it's good to know someone is reading. I read someone's blog and they took imaginary vacations. I want to take an imaginary trip to your elegant living room and talk on the pretty couch. Then I want to have some of that french onion soup and some coffee that I shouldn't be drinking while someone watches our kids. Then the kids will appear and we will all enjoy some fun time playing. Laura Ann will give you one of the best kisses on the cheek.
In real life we will be in town the weekend of August 9th. We plan to be at church on the 10th.

andi said...

I loved your sweet thought and great phrase: Take heart! :) Thanks for your comments! I always love to check out your gang and see those precious babies! Hope you got that one box scratched off your list. If you didn't, take heart ;) it'll be there today and the next and the next!!!!!
Sorry to make you cry so early! It happened to me yesterday!!!!