Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Airplanes, Kisses, and Milk

Well,the boys are off to D.C. Bill is taking the little guy to the Air and Space museum, particularly the WWII section today. I can't wait to post some pictures. A lot happened before the sun rose, the travelers were up and Will's cereal and milk were spilt all over the jeans that it took us 10 minutes to find. (They grow quickly at 7 and always seem to have their knees on the ground!) Well Will wasn't happy with a comment I made. I had just told Bill that I wasn't going to kiss him anymore. Yes, I said it. Well, Bill likes to conserve dishes. He had a snack of cereal last night and rinsed the bowl afterward and then used the same (dirty according to me) bowl this morning as I was trying to get a clean one out of the cabinet for him. It's not like we were camping or didn't have a clean bowl. It was milk! Will was just about to jump up to defend his buddy when his hip hit the straw part of his straw bowl and kaploosh! Well we found some other jeans that actually looked better.

Will loves all of us very much. I am particularly touched by how he loves his father. He has so much fun with him. "I'll ask Daddy, he'll know about this" is heard quite often around here. (I say it, too.) I love to see the boys worship in song together. I see them both tear up at about the same time. Bill does his best to include Will on projects. My heart is full as I just watched my guys pull out of the driveway for an adventure that I'm sure will not be forgotten. I am so thankful that I have a husband and father to my children that first and foremost is a man of God and from that flows his love for us. He shows father-like love to my little sister, too. He met her when she was two. He has taken her to Disney World, springs, etc... He takes time to counsel her and I hear him pray with Will every night for her. He wants his children well taken care of and is man enough to discipline them and actually LEAD this family, which is no easy task. (I've been told that I have a strong personality). Well I guess I've made my point, I could go on and on. Just one more thing, the smile that Laura Ann reserves for her Daddy. You should see how she reacts when he comes home.

So.... I will kiss him again and again and again. I think Will knows that, too. He has to see the light in my eyes as I look up at that tall handsome man.

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