Saturday, October 18, 2008

While I Was Blogslacking......

The boys attended a "big football game". I hope that Bill will get a chance to post on this later.

Will had his first girlfriend, a blonde cheerleader.

I had my worst Sunday morning ever. Bill was out of town for a golf tournament and both kids were screaming crying as my liquid makeup exploded all over me and the floor.
I got to church anyway!!!!

We celebrated Bridget's 18th Birthday.

My lunch hit the floor, I'm not sure what day it was now!

ALL of these people spent the night in our house(minus two of the adult men and maybe one of the boys). That's 30 souls, and it was a blast!!! (Girl Scout Field trip to Atlanta)

Will was FDR for a day at the little White House in Warm Springs, GA for a school project.

The cocktail sauce hit the floor on the Thursday that I planned to post. I mopped with old fashioned Lysol in the brown bottle and my house smells like a hospital.

And life went on and on and on.... We are striving to live as followers of Christ in a busy hurried world.

Life is fun, hectic, hurried, exhausting, rewarding, exciting and hopefully lived to the praise of His glorious grace. Well duty calls, Someone doesn't want to take an evening nap and my threshhold for crying time has been hit. Now I will scoop her up and comfort her and try again at bedtime for sleep. She will turn one next Sunday. More thoughts on that later......

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J said...

I cannot believe your run with spills! Unbelievable! You had me laughing! Hope things look up in the next few weeks! And thanks for being real!