Monday, October 20, 2008

A Challenge And Offer For Prayer

Today I plan to take Laura Ann on a stroller ride through our neighborhood. We have wonderful sidewalks and even a golf cart path into the next neighborhood. I have walked with the entire family but haven't taken Laura Ann on my own. When I lived in Dothan, I was a regular walker. It helped to have some really wonderful sisters in Christ to walk with. I remember when it got really cold and I thought,"Surely we won't walk today, because of the children" (my friend's children -Will was in school). Well Amanda said: "I'll meet you at the mall today" Might I add that she bundled her weeks old baby in the stroller and we soldiered on outdoors for a while before that!!
I got out of the habit of walking when I got pre-eclamptic (high blood pressure and related issues) again in probably the 5th or sixth month of my pregnancy with Laura Ann. The doctor actually told me to stop walking. This was the doctor in Dothan. My doctor here probably would have had me running and lifting weights the hour before I delivered! I'm just joking, I think. He really wants me to "build muscle!".
Walking with Laura Ann in the neighborhood is one of those things that I have been letting slip through the cracks. You could say that I haven't been a good steward of a good gift that God has given me. Walking with my little girlfriend is one of those "I've got to do that" things. I have a lot of them. Finishing baby books, putting pictures in albums, figuring out how to fully utilize my expensive (to me) digital video camera, reading something besides assigned school and church work with my son, going on a date with my husband... the list goes on and on. I'm sure that we all have some lengthy lists. I'm sure that there are some things that we shouldn't really bother with, but what about those things that are from the Holy Spirit's prodding? Today I'm picking this one thing. I'm sure something in the daily routine will not get done. It is OK. Laura Ann will enjoy some time outside with just her Mama. God has given me a gift in a beautiful daughter, legs that can walk, lovely sidewalks in a great neighborhood, no job outside the home that competes with my time to walk with her (unless you count my volunteer lunch lady job :)) and a neat stroller that my sister gave to me.

What is on your list? I challenge you to pick something. Pray for the Holy Spirit to enable you to do it if it is beneficial. Pray that the burden to do unnecessary things is lifted. I plan to pray that right now.

I would love to get some comments from anyone about the one thing on your list that you have prayed about and feel led to do (or just spend 10 minutes starting the process) this week. I know that there are some readers that I don't know personally, but comment away. I would love to pray with you about it! As you can tell I don't get that many comments and I probably have partially selfish motives for requesting them but if prayers are sent up that is great!

Now for my prayer... I'll let you know if we go on that walk. I believe that we will!


andi said...

Hey friend! Guess what? Mine was to get up and do pilates this morning...I did it! I am really convicted about not putting healthy food into my mouth except some fruit with my dinner. So today, I exercised and ate a great lunch too. Thanks for your great thoughts!

J said...

Great challenge...and reminder about those unnecessary things being lifted! Ok...mine is to do something special with MW during T3's afternoon nap. I'll let you know...

Kim said...

This is hard for me because I have so little time to myself, but some of my high priorties are:

Reading quality books to the kids. We are working thru the Little House Series presently. I love picture books but I want them to be able to sit and imagine as well.

Trying to get outside more...this is difficult with 3 and chores to do.

Being more choosy about the foods we eat.

Spending less...impulse shopping.
Clipping coupons, buying less prepackaged foods which tend to be expensive.

These are some but I'm sure there is more I could and should be doing.