Saturday, October 25, 2008

Almost One

She will turn one tonight as she sleeps. This little baby girl I love. She had a fun bath with lots of splashing fun. I have spent the day preparing for a drop in Birthday Party tomorrow. At first I thought that it might just be our little family, but it seems that we might have quite a few people here tomorrow.

A Year Ago Tonight

I was to be induced, but was already in labor. We're on our way to Atlanta Medical Center to deliver a beautiful baby girl!


J said...

One year ago tonight you were on your way to the hospital...AND I remember being on the phone with you while Bill was driving you there...and you were having a contraction. I remember asking God to protect you and LA during labor and sweet and precious to see His faithfulness! Happy Birthday Laura Ann! We love you!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie! Sorry we can make the open house today...Jasper is sick! :(