Monday, November 10, 2008

The Headlights Are On

I couldn't sleep last night. I got up and did some Bible Study and reading. So, while I'm sleepy, the headlights are on.
Laura Ann now drinks whole milk. She is still using a bottle because she seems to just sip from a cup. She drank 9 ounces of milk after some coaxing. She didn't want to drink yesterday. So, like I said, she drank her milk after some coaxing this morning. Well, only a few minutes later... She threw up all of that milk, all over her, all over me, and some was even in my chair that I protect from dirty little football players. We were off to the shower together. Mothers, isn't that a major talent we have? I would have opted for the bath but she is congested and could use the mist.
You want to know what really makes me feel bad? Well, last night at church, Laura Ann and another little baby were playing on the floor and spilling Goldfish and Cheerios all over the floor. We were having small group and didn't have any organized babysitting. Well I opted to let my child eat the Cheerios and Goldfish that had fell on the floor. Mind you this isn't a common occurrence, I just know how successful that I would be trying to keep her from eating the food that I knew that they would continue to spill. So, the pediatric nurse let her child eat off the floor and her child is now vomiting. I know it isn't from that, it is too early. Also, she was exhibiting symptoms by not wanting to drink before that. I had just already started feeling bad after recalling how another Mom was pointing out how dirty that floor must be!
Well the baby is sleeping in her crib. I'll listen to her chest when she wakes up. Her cough got better but now seems to have worsened. Please pray for my little sweetie.
It is so good to have the headlights on!


Kim said...

Poor thing. I hope she feels better!

J said...

Oh children ALWAYS eat off the floor. I know, I know, that's awful...oh well. Just today I was in CVS and T3 dropped a craisin on the floor...I grabbed it up and blew it off and popped it in his mouth...know that you're in good company! Doesn't that build their immune systems anyway??? :)