Tuesday, November 11, 2008


That was little baby girl's temp when she woke up from her nap.Rapid breathing, flush cheeks, and a limp girl were my clues before I even touched her hot skin. The Tylenol brought it down. I bought her some Pedialyte, came back home, picked Will up from school (we thought that Daddy was going to but he worked over) and then took her to the doctor. He did a chest xray to make sure that it wasn't pneumonia. He thinks that it is probably a sinus infection. She is on antibiotics and seems to be improving. She actually ate some yogurt and cereal this morning. She loves the YoBaby yogurts with fruit and cereal. She likes to point at the baby on the cup.
Last night was rough. She had another fever in the evening and was up a good bit last night (she was not up without her buddy Mama). We are both tired. I am thankful that she seems to be improving and that we have a good doctor and that we have health insurance. I am thankful that Daddy came home last night and held his little girl so that I could finally go to the bathroom alone!


andi said...

Ah yes, the alone time in the bathroom that doesn't come too often, especially when there is a sick one.
I hope she continues to mend. I, too, am thankful for health insurance sweet friend. Blessings to you today as you enjoy your cuddle time with sweet one.

J said...

Hang in there! Give baby girl a kiss for me! This too shall pass. You're such a good mama!

Kim said...

Poor little sweetie. We too, have sinus infection in our home. It's tougher on the little ones. I hope you get to go to the bathroom alone today! :) I empathize.