Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home at Last? ... not really

Well we have moved in. We are no longer renting and owning a home at the same time. We do, however, still have belongings in storage. Also the garage is full, (not of cars). We pray to God to live more simply. We have been touring the southeast and South Atlanta (moved four times), and have renovated a home and sold it, learned to work on helicopters, birthed and nursed a human being, got a six year old into and through the first grade in a very competitive school, got a septic system working with minimal outside help, and so on..... so give us a little grace on the storage building thing. Again, we pray to God to live more simply (with less stuff) and work on unpacking things that have been in storage since 2005. Some things longer (Baby) It is not simply a matter of unpacking. If you have ever used non climate controlled storage in the south you know what I mean. Let's just say I have been washing in hot water and sanitizing quite a bit. Everything has to be washed or wiped down, or in some cases thrown away!!! This takes time. "Just have a big yard sale" Well this takes preparation as well. Pray with us for strength and perseverance.

We have a beautiful home. We have projects in the works. Bill is constantly working on our lawn and the lack of lawn in the backyard after he got the drainage project done almost singlehandedly. I hope to post more pictures on this later. Bill is working on prepping the walls in Laura's room for paint. It is dark purple with bumpy past sheet rock repairs. I am continually working on stains on the carpet. We will probably be saving for my dream hardwood floors for some time (Tuition is due in July for Will, not to mention my college boy: Bill!) so spot patrol here I come! These are not our spots mind you, but someone or something that previously lived here. (Laura does spit up orange at times.) The carpets have been cleaned but I have found that I can get out some things that the carpet guy can't! We have at least 3 light fixtures to buy and replace. I mention all of these things for a reason, not ungratefulness but humility. God has refined me in that department a great deal over the past years journey. Oh how prideful and offensive I have been in the past! (Yes I know.. I'm still offensive in many other areas.) The continual sanctification process is a beautiful and painful thing.

We have a beautiful son. He received the faith character trait award on Friday. God is good and is greatly to be praised! We have been supported by many in teaching Will to grow in the love and admonition of the Lord. We thank God for everyone who has spoken God's Word and lived it in front of this young man. See for yourself what God is doing:

I had planned to post a video here. Until then: Will's teacher said: "Out of this little package God's Word flows."

Hopefully I can get that video posted or a link.

I must close for now... there is much to be done and Laura will awaken thirsty any moment. Maybe it won't be over a month until my next post. This post was a small victory over my continual fight against someday syndrome.A quick note about the not really in the Home at Last title. A brother in Christ is really home now. C. B. died this month and is truly home. As I've moved around I've become much more aware that this life is temporal, we are here but for a time. Also, you never know when God will pluck you out of your current circumstance into one that you had never imagined. Beware if you are a believer striving to do the will of God at all costs or are devoted to one. The reward is sweet, deeper communion with God as you realize that this earth's treasure is nothing without Him!!! So... we are home for now but never know when our King will call with orders. God be glorified in this and all things!

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