Friday, April 11, 2008

What? Start a blog now? It is April 11th and you have to be moved into your new home by the 15th. Well here I am anyway. I always seem to send out many e-mails with pictures to update friends and family. A sweet friend of mine has a blog that I really enjoy so I took her cue and here is my attempt.

Well Laura (sometimes known as Laura Ann, sometimes chicky chicky, sometimes sister) is sleeping on my left arm as I write this. This first post will be short. I plan to try to put her down for the rest of her nap and do some laundry. Bill is at the new house. He hired some help to finish the drainage project, as we are down to the wire. Hopefully tonight we can use the toilet and wash clothes, dishes, even bodies (ours I mean) in our new home!

Bill is 40! He had an eventful birthday. He dug up the yard to make a french drain (ground water was filling the septic tank). He was showing Will how the big boys work. He had just discovered cracks in one of the tanks and surmised that we would be out $5,000 when Will, who insisted on keeping his cell phone "safe ", dropped Bill's phone into the tank, PLOP!

Well we don't have to replace that tank after all, but it will be an expensive repair. However, it won't be as bad as we thought. Praise God in this also!

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