Friday, July 2, 2010

Soli Deo Gloria

It's been a very long time.... My last post was entitled shingles stink. I can can say that even more because I got another case just a month after the case I posted about. I just didn't feel like posting about I didn't.
I have been reflecting about my computer posting. I am on facebook. I post a few pics here and there and every so often I yell from the digital rooftops my undying love for my husband. I post some scripture at times. The most useful thing about Facebook and blogs to me is the info I get about those that I wish to encourage. I have found out that I need to pray about sicknesses that I didn't know about. I can encourage my friends that are in school or looking for a new job.
I hesitate to speak about a great girls outing to a movie or for coffee. I hesitate to say "just had a great time with the Nelsons". What about those folks reading who haven't been invited to dinner? With anyone, much less the Nelsons. What about the woman who really wants a girls night and feels left out? I just think we need to be careful.
I heard a commercial for a new phone. It went something like this.... Buy this new phone that takes wonderful pics of your life and you can post it on Facebook immediately and make everyone else jealous of the great Summer you are having. Is that what we are doing? Are we competing to see who has the coolest life with the coolest things and the coolest people in it? O Father please guard me from this but allow me the freedom to publish a blog or post things on FB that help me and my family remember your faithfulness and how you have sustained us. Let all that I do be to your glory. Not selfish ambition or conceit, only for your glory. Soli Deo Gloria: Glory to God Alone.


J said...

Your babies are SO BIG!!!! I can't believe it!

Thank you for your encouragement here. You are very good at pointing me to Jesus. Thank you, friend.

andi said...
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andi said...

Whoops, that was me. I am commenting again! :) I love the new picture!!! I so agree with you! Great reminder! Thanks for your honesty! I can't believe you got a second case right after your first one! :(
Soli Deo Gloria-He IS reflected in you sweet friend!