Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Life isn't always pretty...

Well, I have lots of pics to share when the creative bug hits me again. But not now. We have had 3 quite interesting weeks. We have been sick! Well we all started with this respiratory illness on the same night, a Sat night three Sats ago. We haven't ever all gotten sick at once before. Well the kids got better quickly, Bill and I however, did not. Approx 9 days later I woke up with my eye matted together and decided that I had more than a cold. I went to the PA and got some oral antibiotics and a refill for the antibiotic eye ointment that I had from the last time I had conjunctivitis. Then two days later I had severe pain and tearing in said eye and the Ophthalmologist confirmed a corneal abrasion (scratched eye). That day Bill got abx (antibiotics) from the PA. 2AM that morning Will knocks on our bedroom door, "I just threw up". He has a loft bed and just leaned over the side....SPLAT! The next morning I began to throw up and realized that I had been having chills the night before. The next day Bill gets a fever and then has severe tummy troubles for a day. The whole saga ends?? with Laura Ann getting conjunctivitis a fever and diarrhea. Oh yeah Bill got conjunctivitis (pink eye) in that span of time too. Bill missed most of the week of work. Will missed two days of school and 1 football practice. Bill was unable to coach football for several practices and two games (at least). We all missed small group once.
Switching gears here. I get calls. Drama filled calls. I won't mention where they come from. Some that know me know. These calls upset me. I mean heart racing, stomach in knots ready to cry upset me. It should be as simple as not answering the phone but it isn't. I pray, not as often as I should, to respond in a Christ-like manner to these calls. I fall short. Life isn't always pretty, but Jesus is always my Savior. Praise God. One day these calls will stop or be replaced with different calls from another person. I pray that through my sanctification that I will glorify God in the next call. I hate the disruption to my family. (When Mama is upset...)
Funny thing, these calls always make me more thankful. I am so thankful for my protective, loving, sweet, giving, humble, (I could go on and on) husband that pursues holiness and is a wonderful father. God scooped me up the day that He called me to himself. Some years later, God used Bill on this earth to provide a safe, peace pursuing, God honoring home for me. Those strong arms and shoulders love me. God blesses me through them.

Life isn't always pretty, but Jesus is always my Savior.


J said...

Oh sweet friend! You have had so much on your plate...so fast, so hard! Non-stop! I wish I lived nearer and I would bring you a big pot of homemade chix soup. Your trust in Christ and your adoration of your husband are obvious and precious. I pray that God will turn your eyes to Himself and give you peace and REST!

Btw, I was and still am SHOCKED and in awe and touched and encouraged that you would make that drive! And give such a thoughtful gift!!! It has encouraged me on many a hard, long day. I will sneak a few from their hiding place and sneak off somewhere to savor "tha flavor!" You were soooo kind and thoughtful and I am still just blown away! Every time I pass a Publix (like I did traveling last weekend) my thoughts turn to you!

You are precious and dear and I love you and miss you and will be praying for you all!

Kim said...

Misty...I'm so sorry these 3 weeks have been so distressing. I'm sorry about the calls. I will be praying for peace that passes understanding. Remember who you ARE in Christ. I'm so glad you have a wonderful husband both heavenly and earthly to turn to. Know I'm praying for you and am here for anything.

andi said...

May He continue to be the lifter of your head. My sweet sweet friend, He alone can restore the years the locusts have eaten. What a blessing that you have in the unconditional love of your husband and the unconditional love of your Father, Abba.
HUGS to you!!!! Many!