Saturday, April 4, 2009

Binge Blogging, Catching up Again

I ordered these pics chronologically except the first one. I had to let this be the first thing you see on this post.

What a Spring Beauty!! She can finally wear this 12mos dress that I got at her baby shower!

My attempt at Ma-Ma's cornbread. I miss her so much. I made it in her pan. There is no telling how much cornbread she made in that iron skillet. She made it every day, yes EVERY day, that I knew her until she was ill. I cried when I put this on the table. I look forward to seeing her again in heaven!!

Laura Ann is NOT ready to use dishes. Notice the bowl on the floor.

A common occurrence.

2009 Carriage Lane Presbyterian Musical
Joseph: From the Pit to the Palace

Lots of unscripted Valentine Love

My attempt at Valentine Goodies for teachers, Will's "special girls", and a few family members.

Hail storm '09
The Volvo needs a new windshield. The house needs a new roof. Insurance on the house, not the car.

I am not surprised that the snow looks like it is melting around him. Sizzle!

The next day... The snowman has seen some wear and tear.

Only Will can turn a snow day into a WWII battle.

Yes that's GA bulldogs gear our baseball player has on. We are quite sick about it, but love his coach and the coach's family. Go Gators!! and I guess go dogs, uh dawgs..TYBA baseball that is!

Will's ANT Science Fair project ( made from recyclable materials)

I decided to splurge on take out from Outback one night. This is my "medium" steak. Can you say moo? Well, I got to pray with the take out girl about her broken foot. I thought twice about complaining (until I received a free meal) as I usually do in times like this. I did let the manager know that we didn't receive our salads and Bill picked those up the next day. What should Christians do when they receive bad service? Comments please if you have them. Also, when I got my Blue cheese chopped salad the next blue cheese.

Aren't they beautiful? These are two of my new friends. The one in stripes (Elizabeth) coordinated a Birthday Girl's Night Out for the one in the shawl (Erica-Birthday Girl). I could say so many great things about both of them. I am truly blessed to call them both friend. I can't wait to get to know them even better.

I am really in this picture and no I wasn't hiding on purpose. SO many lovely ladies in this picture. So much love for Christ in those hearts. This was just last night. My sweet Bill is coughing terribly but cared for the little ones so that I could go out. Oh how I love you, Bill!

One last thing Whooping Cough, yes Whooping Cough. None of us are contagious thanks to antibiotics and an awesome Pediatrician that is a man of God. The inflammation will stick around for weeks we are told, though. Little Laura Ann is quite demanding with her ear infection bothering her. I would be too.
It is a sunny day today, ....finally.


Kim said... is right! So many things I could comment on, but I think my fave is the snow melting around the sizzling man! :) I love it!

andi said...

binge blog makes me laugh!!!
Cornbread about made me cry.
those sweet babies loving on each other makes me smile!
Miss you!

J said...

Ok...laughed and laughed when I read, "sizzle" - hee, hee! You go girl!

So fun to catch up with you!

Love you!