Monday, January 12, 2009

Catching Up....

Fall Fun Day



Another Mom and I did the face painting. Little Laura Ann was great. She sat by me in the stroller.

Will is a scarecrow.

The Toughest Man on the Team
Landmark War Eagle #15

after his last game and awards ceremony.

Pilgrim Hat Cookies that I made for the Thanksgiving Celebration at Will's school.

My Little Indian and Puppy Cow

That is the Thanksgiving Turkey that she can't wait for and that seems to be a mullet that she is working on growing!

I wish that I had taken a picture when they were both in the cabinet, one on the shelf!

Donating my hair to Locks of Love

This pose was much easier to get with a one month old than a one year old.

(Christmas Eve)


The stockings and bag? were hung by the chimney with care...

Bill and I can't find our stockings. Bill borrowed Laura Ann's and I was sporting the lovely bag.

My Favorite Christmas Memory


There was a special day in this span of time that I plan to post on later. As you can takes me a while sometimes!
You can click on any of the above pics for a closer look.


andi said...

I love it!!!! So fun to catch up with you guys. The picture of the kids on Christmas Eve is priceless. I am soooo copying the pilgrim hats!!!!

Kim said...

You were catching up weren't you?! Fun pictures and I love your "bag" hung by the chimney with care! I say it is time for new stockings!

Bill, Misty, Will, and Laura Ann said...

Andi, Jennifer Robeson taught me how to make the pilgrim hats. She can also make Turkeys, but they are tedious if you ask me!

J said...

Ok, you should be smiling WAY BIGGER in that picture of your new cut! IT LOOKS SO STINKIN' FABULOUS!!!!! Man - it looks SOOOOO GOOD! I am so proud of you for donating! I did that once, and was left with a lot less hair! :)

Your kids are PRECIOUS!!!! I can't believe Will in uniform and sweet little Laura Ann in the cabinet!

We miss you guys!

Bellamia said...

Laura Ann is one of THE CUTEST babies I have ever seen!!! And I LOVE YOUR CUT!!!!! Does Bill miss your locks? I think it looks FABULOUS!! Puppy Cow...LOL!!! I can so see your humor! Will is such a little man! How fun it must have been to watch his games!!