Friday, August 22, 2008

July 27th, 2008

July 27th

Laura Ann's Baptism

21 "As for me, this is my covenant with them," says the LORD. "My Spirit, who is on you, and my words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth, or from the mouths of your children, or from the mouths of their descendants from this time on and forever," says the LORD.
(Isaiah 59:21 NIV)

39The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call."
(Acts 2:39)

An excerpt from "How Our Children Come to Faith"

by: Stephen Smallman

"If you are not part of a tradition that baptizes children, you can at least respect the sincere conviction that lies behind that practice. It is true, unfortunately, that baptism is misused. In too many instances, the water of baptism is given virtually magical powers to transform a child. For others, the baptism of children is little more than a family celebration. But there are also many, many examples of parents' bringing their children to Christ as an act of faith to ask for his blessing on them. As they see the water applied outwardly, they trust that the Spirit will also be at work inwardly. It is God who will save our children, not baptism, and we can pray that he will start that work in their hearts early in their lives."

In case you read this one day my dear Laura Ann,

You must know how awesome our God is. You only have to look around you or to the intricate workings of your own body to see it. We promised in humble reliance on our Lord Jesus Christ to raise you in the love and admonition of the Lord Jesus Christ on the day that you were baptized. You have been set apart. You are special and have a special purpose to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. The first time that I knew that you were growing inside of me I wanted you to be a woman of God and trusted His promises for you. Your father, brother and I love you very much, but the love of Christ far outweighs our love. We will disappoint you at times but He will not. He is always with you. Your father and I pray often for your relationship with Christ and we even pray for your future husband if God wills that. You are asleep in your crib, unable to get out without being scooped up. This is how salvation works. "He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters" Psalm 18:16 I know that God will finish the work that He has begun in me. I fall so short of being the woman of God that I want to be and always will until glory. I continue to pray that my life will be a living sacrifice. I pray that by God's grace the sanctification process will have produced many more fruits of the spirit in my life by the time that you are able to understand this. I have been sharpened by my relationships with godly women and I pray to be an example to you of how Christ's work in our hearts can enable us to live as becomes followers of Christ.

I love you but more importantly God loves you.

Sincerely, Mama


J said...

Misty!!! How absolutely precious! Thank you for sharing that , for posting it. How amazing and wonderful is our God? I love your illustration to Laura Ann about scooping her up and out of the crib, as she is unable to do this herself. Precious! I wish we could've been there to raise our right hand, promising to help raise her in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Laura Ann, we look forward to seeing how God works in your heart to draw you to Himself! And Misty, what a GORGEOUS cake! I have never seen anything like it and want to copy you! :)

Also, I did hear your message, several days after you'd left it. I'm sorry I missed that opportunity and I hope you'll call me again.

Love you sweet friend!

andi said...

How beautiful; everything about the post. The quote is wonderful! I might use that myself. I will be mulling over it, savoring its meaning. You are a great writer and I truly love your words each time I "visit" your blog. What beautiful children! I love the picture with you and L.A. She is enthralled with mama and loving every minute! :)
May L.A. never know a day that she does not walk with you Father. May she never go through a hardship that You do not use for her good and your glory. May she walk in steadfast obedience to You, Lord. I ask that you would guard her and keep her from any unnecessary heartache. We commit her to You Most Loving Lord; for You are committed to her. Thank you for this wonderful, God-fearing family in which you have placed your covenant child. May they honor You in their parenting. May they know Your grace on the days that "could've gone better" and may they know Your faithfulness on the days that "seem a bit like heaven." Amen